I’ve moved….I think!!

My photography studio KT Photography on Kingston Road was a great success, so it was time to move down to Queen Street. As excitement built and my ‘stuff’ went in to my new space it became quickly apparent I wouldn’t be opening my doors anytime soon. The previous tenant was a fish monger and I can honestly say I haven’t been able to eat fish since moving in September 1st. It stinks to high heaven!!

Sooo……those who know me….here we go again!!!!!

It’s day 13 and little progress has been made, we must now wait for the landlords to decide on a disaster company to come in and do some high tech clean that involves steam, chemicals and more steam. My new floors have now been delayed 4 times, much to the dismay of my floor guy. But my hands are tied.

But! It’s business as usual. I’ve shot some amazing weddings this summer and even though we had the hottest summer in years, it just seemed every Saturday I shot a wedding it poured. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the most amazing couples who rolled with punches and enjoyed whatever mother nature had coming.   I’m busy with 5 more weddings this fall and new clients daily for family photos and corporate shoots. So….I guess the new studio can wait.

I’ll keep you posted, who knows what tomorrow will bring…..day 14!

Here are some of the shots I took over the summer.

The show must go on....rain or shine
They sailed away into the sunset
Another rainy day

Waiting for the rain to stop

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