Things happen in 3’s

Well I’m thinking that all this focus and talk about my stinky space had my house a bit jealous. Just as the floors were being installed and the first coat of paint was on the walls, the basement in my house waz ah callin’. Our second “black water” back up since moving in 6 years ago, our second call to the insurance company our second total tear out of our basement.

That’s only two things you say??……oh well in the midst of all the contamination chaos our transmission blows on our 5 year old car and we need to get a new one as it’s not worth it to fix this one.

But it’s Thanksgiving weekend and I will find things to be thankful for. My stove works (hoping I didn’t just jinx myself) to cook a big turkey tomorrow for friends that have been through the smelly basement before and will enjoy eating Thanksgiving dinner outside. Oh…I can also be thankful for the weather tomorrow.

I’m thankful my car didn’t die on the way to this wedding I shot in Milton yesterday. What a great couple and what a life the bride has had. We made a quick stop to see if her mother before heading to the ceremony at the church. Another touching moment and a good reason to keep your chin up.

Enjoy the long weekend, my studio will be OPEN this coming week.

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