The great debate….or is it?

The law of attraction, the secret, be careful what you wish for, you reap what you sow. How many times do we hear people talking about this, on talk shows, around the water cooler at work and even at your dinner table. It’s a hot topic, is it true?? YES!!

My basement is a real life disaster zone, it is currently being dug out and rebuilt from pipes to lights, not something we had been planning for or budgeting for but it just happened. Looking back, our basement has been a topic of conversation for the last 10 months or so. This summer was a very humid one and was causing some mold issues….deep down we have wanted and would have loved to dig out our basement and make it a great living space, but it just wasn’t in the cards as there were so many other things that needed to get done before we contemplated such a task. And then…..our second sewage back up in 6 years…once again, we lost everything in our basement. Now, according to our insurance company, we have no choice, we must fix all the pipes under the floor, so if we’re digging that out, we might as well keep on digging and give ourselves a proper basement. Looking back now, our basement was on our mind, we were down there more often than we should have been dreaming of what we would
do if we “could” dig it down and make it more livable. Well… we are, digging down and making our “dreams” a reality.

Over the Christmas holidays, my husband and I were talking about my photography business and the issues I have faced in my last two spaces. How disappointed we are in the landlords we have dealt with in both spaces and how big of an investment we have made by renting the spaces and trying to get two spaces up off the ground in less than 12 months. I love what I do and I still believe I am doing the right thing by maintaining a studio space, but I was feeling the need for more creativity in my work. I just wanted to shoot and be as creative as I wanted to be AND get paid for it.  New Year’s Eve afternoon I get a call from a client’s brother, who was in town for the holidays, saw my work and called to ask if I wanted to shoot stock photography for his new company. Well, turns out, he needs images for his stock photography library and I can be as creative as I want to be. Bingo! Wish granted.

Yesterday, my best friend Christa got the call she’s been dreaming of for as long as I have known her. She needed to wade through a lot of “life stuff” before she could honestly focus and concentrate on what’s to come for her professionally. At last, her hard work and dedication has paid off.  It will be such a joy for me to finally see her happy personally AND professionally. To her I say…”See…I told you… careful what you wish for, because dreams do come true.”

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