coming home

There’s always something bitter sweet about coming home after a great vacation. I love the feeling when you open the door after a long day of travel and there’s your home- exactly like you left it (you hope anyway) and you can feel yourself exhale with relief and familiarity. The bitter part of returning this time is the bitter cold. You take for granted quickly when you’re away that you can just open the door and walk outside in your barefeet or have the window open and the warm breeze is coming through and now being back getting my daughter off to school this morning, I totally forgot how long it takes, the gloves…where did I put them? Oh and she needs a hat and those snow pants, where in the world did I stash those before leaving?! Winter is a pain in the $#@!, but it will soon be over as I heard some welcome news on the radio this morning. Spring is 26 days away.

I also celebrated a milestone birthday while I was away and upon my return I found a card in the mail from an Aunt and Uncle I don’t see very often. It’s not like this sort of communication is the norm in my family, so it was a welcome surprise for sure. Inside was a written message from my Aunt telling the story of the last time she took a picture of her father was with me on our birthday that we shared. I remember that moment actually, my grandpa and I were celebrating at her house and she asked us to stand by the fireplace for a birthday picture. I stood up on the hearth and she snapped the last picture of us together and the last photograph of him. He died a month later and she said that every year on my birthday she obviously thinks of her dad, but that she remembers the moment that picture was taken and the smile on both our faces. I also have that picture and I would have loved to scan it today to include it in my post, but it’s packed away in boxes while my basement renovation is ongoing. But that card inspired me to take that picture out again and display it on a shelf as it has new meaning to me now, thanks to my Aunt’s birthday card.

It also sets in stone my love of photography and reason I snap away at every birthday, holiday, Christmas, school concert, playing in the backyard, swimming in the lake at the cottage, eating an ice cream cone, walking down the street or the beach….whatever….cuz you never know what’s going to make a lasting memory for you or  someone else. Here’s some of my memories from my trip.

2 thoughts on “coming home

  1. Christa says:

    A poetic post with poetic photos to go with. Scrapbooking is next of these beautifully captured moments in time. 🙂

    You found a Pink Flamingo!!!! YAY!!!!

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