Drowning in drywall dust…..

I feel like I haven’t written a new post in forever….I have some really cool posts coming up, but I need my life to cooperate so I can go out and shoot the shots I need. It’s been a pretty crazy couple of months. My basement is finally in the final stages of renovation. Carpet goes in today. The work has moved upstairs to my main floor and let me tell you the dust!!!! Whoa, we’ve been sitting on paint cans as our furniture, table, dining room chairs are all covered under plastic. We haven’t had a kitchen sink in over two weeks. We’ve had to eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner now for almost three weeks….some might say “That would be awesome!!”….but if you’ve ever had to do that, it gets tired pretty quick.  After a great debate last Sunday evening, no one could decide what we wanted to eat, where we hadn’t been in the neighbourhood, we decided on Indian food up on Gerrard Street. My daughter loves nan bread and basmati rice and butter chicken. Perfect, let’s go!! She took one bite and started to cry and said, “It’s really good mommy, but I just want a home cooked meal”  I couldn’t have agreed more. But as my mother always says “This too shall pass.” And it will and we’ll have a great new space to live in. I would post pictures of my house if I could find my camera……the last few days things have been moved, packed up or stored for safety from the relentless drywall dust. I’ll be out and about taking some shots tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to post some.

Meantime, I have been working on a pooch promotion for the spring. I live in the beaches so what better place to offer my clients portraits of the beloved pets.

This shot of Molly is one of my favourites. I just love the lemon background with her big brown eyes.

Another client of mine just got a new puppy and I asked if I could take her picture for the pooch promotion…..so I’m excited to shoot Dallas on a pink background next week. My “male” client isn’t so thrilled about the pink but I’m sure he’ll love it once he sees the shots.

Should be a fun month, now if we could just get the weather to cooperate we can get outside and enjoy spring. I’ve grabbed my life preserver, I’m ready to dust myself off and keep on keeping on.

One thought on “Drowning in drywall dust…..

  1. Mom says:

    All I can say is hang in there. Come home…I’ll cook you a meal.
    I really like reading your posts..very talented writer..next career, maybe?

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