Just updated my wedding website and wanted to share some of my “favourites” of the season so far. The first shot was a wedding on the Bluffs in July, it was incredibly hot that day and we were melting up on that hill. I ran down ahead of the bridal party and turned around and saw this shot, I quickly captured it and it has become an all time favourite. The bride told me earlier in the day that her now husband was thinking of laying new sod on the hilltop because the draught had fried the grass, but I feel the colour of the grass makes this shot and am sure glad he didn’t waste his time. It was a beautiful ceremony in a breathtaking location.

The next image was a great wedding at the Palais Royale, what a great summer location, this couple has an incredible story and her dress was even more incredible. She had a fuchsia pink crinoline under her dress that just peeked out and the pink Prada shoes were absolutely stunning. She looked so unique and beautiful -I just love this shot I got of her. 

And the last shot was a wedding on an old Century Farm, amazing! I loved the setting and they had a live band play on a stage. The natural light combined with the stage lighting made a perfect combination that night. 

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