I had the pleasure a few years ago to celebrate Viva Mexico in my beloved city of Guanajuato. My daughter and I were invited to Cesar’s best friend/sister in law’s house for the celebration. Over the years we’ve gotten to know both Cesar and Lucas’ families and love and cherish them as our own. The other morning after this year’s celebrations I woke up to a text that has forever pierced my heart. Vero, who hosted Viva Mexico that night put a place setting at their family table for my family. It sat empty all evening, but they wanted us to be there with them in spirit. They know how much we care and support them through this tragic drug war so they acknowledged us with such an honour. That’s what Hope for Mexico is all about…..our loved ones know we care and that we are thinking of them and we support them. Our fight is long from over, but day by day we ARE making a difference. Viva Mexico!!!!!

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