I have to admit….I’m sorry to all my clients, friends and family, but this has be my favourite shoot(s) of all time. Every couple of years, my soul sister Christa and I get our kids together and go off and do a “family” shoot. Time flies and this has to be one of the greatest gifts we will give ourselves and our kids. These three love each other to death and it’s so cool to see them grow up together. Christa and I have had a standing play date every week for over 6 years…..a play date for us girls just as much for our kids. We get together one night a week after work, we make dinner and we let the kids run wild- all the while catching up on life in general and staying connected in a very busy world. This past weekend, we ventured to the Brick Work’s in Toronto, such a cool place for our photo shoot. It was cold, but it was worth it.

The next shot is of Hugo and Ava, these two are 6 weeks a part, so Christa and I got to experience the trials and tribulations of pregnancy together and now these two friends get to go through all of life’s milestone’s together too.

And next shot…..the future generation of soul sisters….Sophie and Ava are two peas in a pod….they love being in each other’s company. It is fascinating to witness such a friendship develop that will no doubt last a lifetime. We have to do this more often…..priceless!!

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