Such presence…..

You can learn a lot from a horse and even more so you can learn a lot about yourself just by being around a horse. They are magnificent creatures and I am fascinated by them, but man….they can be very intimidating. This horse was not  happy with me, I had her owners separate her from the other horses or her family. I wanted them to run around so I could get some cool shots and the only way to do that was to separate them and get them all fired up. First of all, horses sense fear, so as I’m crouched down with my camera equipment in front of my face and this angry horse guns straight for me….I have to admit, your instincts kick in and you want to make a run for it. Sweetie the horse, was laughing at me on the inside…. I just know it. But it’s so amazing to see their strength and weakness all in one moment. I am spending the winter experimenting with some images and creating a gallery of my personal art pieces, horses will be one of my new showings. The last picture is Hank and Sweetie reunited.




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