Reality check…..

As spring fever settles in and dreams of outdoor living become more of a reality, I can’t help but start planning our next renovation. As I sit here and plan what our house and yard could and will be one day, I am also scanning through my stock photography folder and ran across these “dream”  homes. These are the nicest homes of locals I found while on a recent vacation. I wonder, do the owners of these homes dream of bigger kitchens…or even a simple bathroom as a lot of houses in Belize do not have indoor plumbing. Are we crazy to want bigger and better homes to make the most out of a 100 year old home? Or should we be grateful for what we have and learn to live with what our house has to offer. Looking at these photos certainly makes one realize that every country has different standards of living. We all know that, but if you really stop and think about it…’s crazy what each of us define as beautiful. I think these homes are beautiful, after all that’s why I took a picture of them.

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