And all good things must come to an end……

That seems to be the story of my life lately, professionally and personally, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It’s a nostalgic time of year, no matter how old I get I still feel like September is the New Year…..engrained in me from childhood I guess. As we get our kids scrubbed up, settled down and back to bed on time I can’t help but feel an internal sigh. Is it a sigh of joy or sadness? Today, as I listen to my daughter play with her friend and her come in and out and in and out of the house 100 times in an hour….it would likely be a sigh of joy, the sweet anticipation of giving her back to the school board, but if you ask me 3 weeks from now, it would likely be a sigh of sadness. I am sure I will miss the long days, the carefree afternoons with nothing to do and nowhere to be and I will certainly miss her. But non the less, we have had a sensational summer. We hit the open road and discovered new places, we spent time at the cottage, we rediscovered our city, we saw our favourite baseball team away and at home. We had picnics and bike rides and boat rides with friends. It’s been awesome. But it’s time to get back at it… These shots were taken the day after school let out….with all the excitement of a summer yet to unfold. We do this shoot every year, what a treasure these shots will be in years to come…..(or bargaining power!)

Oh goodness….I can see my daughter and her friend have a spitting contest in my back yard…. where is my red “staples” button so I can hit it……NOW!

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