Ain’t nature grand…





The things you can find on a simple walk through the forest can be breath taking and inspiring. Every place I looked I saw a magical piece of nature to shoot. I have finally come around to the fact that summer can’t last forever and the older I get the more I understand that time flies by so fast that I am bound and determined to find something wonderful about every season. I can’t make any promises that come the end of February I’ll be singing the same tune, but today I am looking forward to fun winter days spent with my family and friends exploring nature and doing things differently.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t nature grand…

  1. Hilda Tiessen says:

    You’re beginning to sound like me….I want to enjoy every day…fall..winter…spring…but then comes summer and ouch..heat! Not for me.

  2. suzanne tiessen says:

    How I enjoy your blogs. I too enjoy the changing of the seasons and love how the “paint fairy” is changing the green leaves to fabulous reds, golden yellows, brilliant oranges and even muted browns!! Absolutely love fall. Keep up the good work Kim

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