Another year older….


When I arrived at the Christmas tree farm over the weekend, I felt like I was just there. The expression “time flies” is an understatement these days. But here we are one year later, back up north to cut down this year’s family tree. And what a day it was, a perfect shooting day for me – the mist/fog was beautiful.


A family tradition like this allows you to stop and take a moment and reflect on the year past. Watching my daughter run through the rows of trees, reminds me of the first time she came to this place, knee deep in snow and could barely walk, she was one. This just might be the last year she believes all things magic in Christmas, I am certainly cherishing every moment this year. She did ask me recently if Santa Claus is real. I had a moment or two to think, ok, this is it. What do I say. I asked her why she was asking and she replied. “Kids at my school said they don’t believe in Santa.” I took that as my cue and simply said, “Well, ‘I’ believe in Santa.” Her response…..”Good, cuz I do too.” Yes…..I just gained myself another Christmas of precious moments.


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