When you find the middle of nowhere…..


To be in the middle of nowhere can mean so many different things. But after travelling 4 days up some northern Mexican mountains…I honestly think we found it. And this middle of nowhere was spectacular; Tilaco, Mexico.




We joined our friends in Queretaro, Mexico and went on our own “Missions” road trip tour. It’s a tour of some villages founded in the 1700’s and you visit the churches of each village, as that is what the people built the town around; the church. As we reached the top of the mountain, with no more roads to take, it felt like we were driving on to a movie set. Tilaco, Mexico, was breath taking. You could see the church way off in the distance, mountain tops enveloping the small village and when we got out of the car we were all struck at the peacefulness and the tranquility of this special place. The air was certainly more fresh and the pace was definitely slower than the last place we visited. We all just sat around for a long while and took in this amazing place and I walked around and got some pretty cool shots.

IMG_0293 IMG_0299 IMG_0228IMG_0239

It’s hard to imagine how these villagers got all the supplies in the early 1700’s up these mountains to build such ornate churches, let alone today.


IMG_0195 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0220 IMG_0087 IMG_0095

It was an incredible opportunity to see parts of Mexico that most people will never get the chance to see. We spent 5 days on a Mexican road trip that non of us will ever forget…and that goes for the ride down the mountain too. Because what goes up….must come down. 4 hours of twisting, winding, turning roads where most of the time there are no guard rails. Prayers and white knuckles, that’s what we had. My poor daughter left her breakfast on the side of the mountain but happily, with a smile on her face and with zero regrets.

One thought on “When you find the middle of nowhere…..

  1. César says:

    My dear maple sis, we are so happy that you accept to come with us and take the adventure to discover our country and please you can share with moré people how Was your experience going around México and how safe It was.

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