Back to Busy…..


Well after a summer of sitting on the dock at our cottage, it’s time to get back to busy.

I have been offered an amazing opportunity to work with my brother and his publishing company on writing and photographing our latest book. Timely, as it’s a book on a philanthropist who puts on one of Canada’s biggest fundraising galas every February. He raises money for those living with disabilities and we are producing this book for his 30th anniversary of the gala and to honour him and those who have played an integral role in making a difference for those living with disabilities.


At the same time I am in full planning mode for my charity’s first fundraising event. Hope For Mexico’s event will be held this November 21st in Toronto’s Liberty Village. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help kindergarten kids in Mexico have a safe and healthy environment to learn in. We believe that education is the key to freedom and after meeting mothers who lost their children to the drug war in that country, I saw first hand how that loss can never be repaired; but we can give children of the future an opportunity to believe there is a better life out there.  Our fundraiser will be a tribute to those mothers, we will honour their pain. We will also honour the beautiful culture, places and people of Mexico and celebrate the beauty of all things Mexico.

No rest for the wicked and I like it that way.

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