Morphing into something better


My life seems to be swirling around giving and charity, and let me tell you what a good thing that is. I have been so fortunate to have studied a career that allows me to morph and reshape myself but still stay true to my roots.

I am so lucky to be working on a book contract with my brother again. Ironically, we are writing a book for a charitable organization and it will be given to guests at a big Valentine’s Gala in downtown Toronto. All the while, I am knee deep in my own charity Hope For Mexico. We just accomplished a huge success of our own. Hope For Mexico held it’s first fundraising event on November 21st. Our goal was to raise 10 thousand dollars to rebuild 4 kindergarten schools in Mexico. We exceeded our expectations and raised 15 thousand, which allows us to help even more children and move on to planning phase two of our project. Thank you to all those who made that night possible.

IMG_0027 IMG_0032 IMG_0042

I see a new future for me. One that continues to allow me to write, photograph and help make a difference in people’s lives. Even on a dark, snowy day, that looks pretty bright to me.

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