Finally Flying


The countdown is on….as long as the weather cooperates….we’re atta here….Mexican sunshine here we come. We’ve been waiting for this trip for a long time and worked hard to get it all done.

Our charity Hope For Mexico raised over 15 thousand dollars in November to help rebuild 4 schools in impoverished areas of Mexico. We are super excited to arrive and get to work. It’s amazing when you dream up something and then little by little you test the waters to make sure it’s something that can work. And the moment you realize, ok….it’s time to put up or shut up…and you close your eyes and take that leap of faith. Now it’s pay off time. We will update this blog and our HFM blog ( while away so you can see our progress.

Our first order of business is to deliver all the curriculum items we have ordered, we decided to buy all the supplies that private schools order. The best of the best for our Hope for Mexico kids. Then we will tour the four schools and make the final decisions as to what we feel they really need, it’s so hard to make those decisions from such a distance. So we decided to take our time and do it right.

Last week, I went to my daughter’s classroom and asked the kids in her class to create two templates for murals that we will paint on the faded and dilapidated walls of these schools. Something for these tiny kids to look at and inspire them; remind them that people care and have faith in them. Ava’s classmates did a beach scene (as these schools are no where near beach or ocean) and since that’s where we live, they thought that would be a great thing and then…of course….they did a winter snowman scene. Very Canadian, with the CN Tower in the background. Super cool, so we’ll recreate these drawings on the walls there and sign all their names to them. Leaving our mark.


Should be an inspiring trip, one I hope our family never forgets and sets us on a path to continue our dreams for change.

Hasta luego!!


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