My daily read….

My best friend turns 40 in two days, I really can’t believe it! We met when I was 26 on my birthday. Her ex husband was a guest at my party and I loved her right off the bat. We then worked together for almost a decade and when I branched out on my own, she (along with my husband) was my biggest support.We have had a crazy ride together and I so look forward to the next phase in our lives. Anyway…..She has just started her first blog over the past week or so and I wanted to share it. She’s titled it 40 N wondering! and it’s now my homepage so every morning when I log on I read what she has to say for the day. Her messages make you stop and think for a moment that’s for sure and in our busy daily lives I think that’s really cool!

One thought on “My daily read….

  1. Christa says:

    Oh my!! The memories the memories!
    Kim – what scares me is the thought of what new reckless abandonment we will get into in the decades to come. Thank you for continuing to journey with me pretty! xo

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