some of my favourites….

As I sit here on my very first Saturday, with no weddings or shoots of any kind….I can go through some of my favourite shots, moments and some of my favourite things.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting ‘ my favourites’.  Like photos of great creative things my clients have done at their weddings, favourite moments, dresses, venues, favourite family shots, summer shots etc.

After I publish this post, I will do one of my favourite things with my family. Make some hot chocolate and watch an all time classic movie, Christmas Vacation. It’ll be the first time my 6 year old daughter gets to watch and see why I lovingly call my husband “Sparky”.

The first picture below was a great moment I caught while driving in my favourite country…Mexico with my family and amazing friends, Cesar and Luis. This woman was cautiously looking out her door wondering why the police sirens were blasting down her street. The second is a bushel of pumpkin flowers in Mexico that Cesar bought for us and put in an omellette for that morning’s breakfast. The last picture is one of my favourite places to hang out here at home in Toronto. Our very dear friends, Mark and Andy, took the greatest leap of faith nearly two years ago and opened The Roy, an authentic Irish pub. You should stop by if you have a chance. You won’t be disappointed!

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