good times and good people

The greatest thing about being a photographer is the gift of capturing moments and precious snippets of life in a photograph forever. I am rarely without my camera in hand which I am so grateful for, especially on a day like today when I am going over all the year’s images to store them safely, to make photo albums for clients and my own library. My thoughts as of late are in my beloved Mexico and today especially as my dear friend Cesar says good bye to his grandmother. These pictures below, we were on ‘vacation’ in our favourite city in Mexico and then went along on our friend’s Cesar and Luis’ vacation to another city. So we were on a vacation from our vacation…..and I got them to pose in their very first photographs as a couple. They’ve been together for over a decade, but we were in a city that allows them to be who they are without worry. I’m so grateful I was able to capture that special moment. And of course, Cesar needed his little princess to pose for a silly moment…..typical!!

Hasta pronto, mi amigos…..besos!

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