The coolest parting gift….

Tiz the season of giving and that usually requires some thought and research on gift ideas the person wants and more importantly will appreciate. Every wedding I shoot, I am always amazed and impressed to see how much thought goes in to making the wedding “their own”.  Even though most weddings, I don’t know the bride and groom very well when I enter the day, I always feel like I know them pretty well as I shoot my last shot. Whether it be the colours they have chosen, the table settings, the speeches or the favours they give their guests for coming, you can really get a sense of what these couples are about.

In 2010, I must say how lucky I have been to work with such amazing clients. There has not been one wedding that I walked away from with a sigh of relief that it was over. Truthfully, I find myself thinking about these couple days and weeks after hoping they’ve had a great holiday or they are doing well in general. Thank you, to all of you who have made such a great shooting year for me. I hope 2011 brings more clients like yourselves.

Below is the coolest wedding favour I’ve seen….the couple Christine and Gericco ordered bobble heads of themselves. They actually look just like them.

Enjoy the season and here’s to finding that “perfect” creative gift for someone in your life!

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