What a Canadian Christmas….

Wow!! What a whirlwind. Christmas is a magical time of year and a time of year that is absolutely uncontrollably crazy, especially with kids. There’s the anticipation….the constant countdown as a reminder that your list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter, it magically gets longer as the big day approaches. So does the anxiety, the gifts to wrap, the food to prepare, the beds to be made for overnight guests…shall I go on? But in the end, it’s a time of year that makes for great memories. We finally cleaned the last corner of our house, got in the car and headed to my brother’s horse farm an hour or so outside the city. It just seems like the Christmas lights shine brighter out in the country, the food tastes better and the country air is more intoxicating. We had a true Canadian Christmas with horses, ice skating on the pond and then took the kids for endless rides on the ‘rhino’ ATV….Now that’s what I call magical!

One thought on “What a Canadian Christmas….

  1. Hilda says:

    You are not only a good photographer, but a good writer as well. I read your entire blog and Christa’s. Christmas in the country, hope we can do it again. Love…mom

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