A good start to a New Year?

A New Year, a fresh start. A day that allows us to dream a little bigger, to set the bar higher, to make promises you promise to keep. I like New Year’s Day for a number of reasons. I always think back to when I was a kid. We religiously got together with family friends for the day, watched football and made these delicious dough nuts called cannonballs. Now with my family, we continue the tradition with our friends, spending New Year’s Eve and today with friends, but also we take down the Christmas tree, put away the decorations and get “back to normal”. I like that. I always feel ready on New Year’s Day to get back to routines. Last night when I got home, our family friend Britta sent me this article that is in our local newspaper Snap. After reading it over a few times, I couldn’t help but think that if this isn’t a sign of a good year to come….I don’t know what will be. I’ve had a rough couple of years in the studio rental department and I truly believe that this year will be “the” year that it all irons out. Happy New Year!

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