Things that get you by

Even though the sun is shining today, January always gets me down. It must be the “winter blues” from the holiday season past. I want so badly to get all the work that’s been piling up done, but I find myself just sitting here staring at nothing. So I decided to put my January distraction to good use and go through my images and find some that make me happy. These shots were taken on my daughters last day of kindergarten, a scary time for the little ladies, but a rite of passage for her and her friends. So I decided to cement that moment forever with a last day of school photo party. At high noon, the moms and kids walked away from the kindergarten door for the last time on a sunny June afternoon. We headed to my studio for a pizza party and photoshoot. Then we went where we all wanted to be anyway…the beach! What a great day for all of us, it’s something these friends will remember always. And hopefully when I bring these shots out 10 years from now, she won’t be tortured by them, but will cherish them as I do. We ended our day at Ed’s a local ice cream shop (now just a few doors down from my new studio) and started our summer off in style.

January and February are always hard months to get through in Canada, but if you can find some solace somewhere, grab hold and carry on.

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