The word change if you stop and think about it, has some deep rooted meaning, well to me it does anyway. Some have a very difficult time with change while others breeze right through the changes in their lives without a second thought. I am the type who gets caught somewhere in the middle. As a child it seemed my life at times changed on an hourly basis, you would think the thought of change wouldn’t affect me. However, I get stuck sometimes, feet firmly planted in cement not willing to make way for change. When I was looking for a new studio space, I was convinced that staying on Kingston Road was the best thing for my business. After all 90% of my business that year was walk/drive by clients. I searched for months for the “right” spot for me, I contemplated places that deep down I knew would cause similar problems I experienced at my Kingston Road location. Once I got my head around moving to Queen Street, with the help of family and friends, I started to embrace change and all the possibilities a new location could bring. Now that I am fully up and running at my Queen Street location (cause we all know the stinky space issue -I am still facing) I believe that even when it doesn’t seem like it, change can be a good thing.

I now face changing my birthday holiday to Mexico as the violence there has changed to the point where my family will not be safe. That’s a change in plans I was not expecting, but most likely one I will be grateful for in the end. But the change in security for my dear friends who live the violence every day gives me a very heavy heart today.  I wish there was something I could do to help change the situation there.

The change of seasons is always a topic of conversation, I now notice our days are getting a bit longer, which means spring is on the distant horizon-which for me, is a good thing. A client emailed me recently and told me about a change in her family situation. On the day of her wedding, her sister refused to participate and made my client’s day full of tears and regret. But she was happy to report that the birth of a baby has brought them back together. Another client had a change of heart all together and decided marriage wasn’t in the cards for her. That’s a brave decision and one to be admired.

Change is all around is us, every minute of every day, something is changing.

Here’s a couple shots from a wedding that the ‘plans’ were changing by the minute. It was of course pouring rain but the bride had plans to sail across Lake Ontario on a luxury sail boat. She was constantly checking her blackberry for weather updates and just as she was about to call it a “no go”, her dad convinced her not to change her plans. So we did it and she was overjoyed.  I ended up with some really great shots that day. The photo of the bridal party walking in the rain is one of my favourite shots of the season. I just love the reflections of the umbrellas and the older couple in the background watching the newlyweds walk past. And who knows….maybe the older couple is thinking to themselves as they watch the bride walking so confidently in the rain, wow, how things have changed!

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