client deliveries

It’s a daunting task, but I love it anyway… client deliveries. I am now designing the last artist album of the season. I searched the world over and have found some pretty cool publishers to print my creations. It takes a good couple of days from start to finish to design a clients wedding book, in the next week or so, I will post some pictures of the books.  The book I am working on now is of  a great couple, Christine and Gericco. This couple was a last minute booking, due to a misunderstanding with the photographer they originally hired, he backed out on them with 10 days to go. A few weeks before I met this couple, I shot a seminar with wedding planners around the GTA, and one of the planners who attended the event, called and asked if I could shoot her clients wedding on such short notice. I was planning on taking Thanksgiving weekend off and head down to my cottage, but those plans fell through, so I gladly took the job. And I am so happy I did, they were an awesome couple to work with and I love the shots I got. I loved the fact that Christine wore a dress that showed her tattoos with such confidence and grace. This bride had a very trying day,  her mother passed away a few years earlier, her father was not attending the wedding, her sister bailed on her the morning of her wedding, but she held it together with such dignity.  If I didn’t know the story, I would have never guessed her wedding day was nothing but happiness and bliss. Every time I look at her tattoo it reminds me that someone had a profound affect on this girl and gave her what she wears in ink forever. Roots and Wings.

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