In times of trouble….

For those of you who know me, you know we have had a very long and heartbreaking adoption journey in Mexico. We are blessed with a biological child and always have and still do want to adopt a child from a foreign country and give them a family and a happy home. Many, many moons ago when we embarked on this journey, we were required to attend seminars, sessions with our social worker , police checks, psychological assessments and were given a long list of books we were required to read. The lingo of the adoption world is a tricky one and one of the “sayings” we were introduced to was our “adopted” child will come into a “forever family”.  Well, little did we know that on our search for our “forever family”  in beautiful Mexico that it was forming in a way we never expected. The world works in mysterious ways and plopped Cesar on our laps almost 5 years ago and I tell you, from the moment I met him, I knew he would be an important part of my life forever. It started off like any new international friendship and gained ground quickly as our visits to Mexico became more frequent and we spent more and more time together. Now, if I don’t hear from him in a few days, I start to ache. I miss him terribly, especially now not knowing when we can return to Mexico safely and be with him again.

Cesar and his partner Lucas embraced us and our dream of adoption as if it were their own. They have went above and beyond anything a “friend” would do for another friend. When we are in Mexico we celebrate holidays with their family and friends, we are treated as family and it comforting to me in ways I’ve never known.  We have been through a lot together and now my friends need me. Now they have a dream, a dream of living in peace with no violence. They are realistic and know that drugs will never vanish and the troubles that come with that will always be a reality, but what they want is to know that the world is listening. They know we can’t change much, but we can stand together in honour of those who have been murdered and those who fear for their lives everyday.

Just after Lucas narrowly escaped a kidnapping,  I asked my dear friend Cesar, what can we do? He said follow the world’s lead and organize a peace rally in Toronto. Stand together, united and let the Mexican government know that you care. So… I am following the lead of countless other countries and cities in Mexico. My family and friends are organizing a peace rally on May 18th at 7PM in Toronto at YONGE-DUNDAS SQUARE. I ask and urge anyone who can spare the time to join us.  If you’ve ever been to Mexico, love Mexico, want to go there one day without fear, have loved ones there, please come out and stand with us.

I have been absolutely shameless in drumming up support. If you have a Mexican flag hanging on your house or yard, just know if I see it, I’m knocking on your door. If you’ve been to Mexico on vacation, I will ask you to come,  I approached two people speaking Spanish in a restaurant a few weeks ago, today, in a sports store the lovely young man helping me had a spanish accent, turns out he’s from a town 40 minutes from where Cesar and Lucas live. He’s coming on May 18 and he promised to bring family and friends.

When I hung up after speaking with Cesar about this week’s ago, I thought to myself, how am I? Little ole’ me, going to pull this off? But now that I’m knee deep in preparation and gaining support from friends and family, I seriously think we can do this.

I deeply believe that you can’t be afraid to take a stand. Change is definitely possible, it happens all the time.

When my husband Kees and I were planning our wedding in Mexico almost 8 years ago, we used a meaningful saying on our invitations “En la union esta la fuerza” , which translates, In unity there is strength.  That saying has been a foundation in our lives and now holds even more meaning.

Wednesday, May 18th, 7PM-9PM

YONGE-DUNDAS SQUARE – downtown Toronto on the south east corner of Yonge and Dundas streets. Plenty of parking and easy access by public transit

Spread the word…..and see you there?

2 thoughts on “In times of trouble….

  1. Mom says:

    Kim…a wonderful post…I will pass it along to my friends.

    I think about our vacation in Mexico with you, Kees and Ava very often…what a great time we had, never afraid. I am so glad I could take my close friends to this beautiful little place just 2 years ago and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the Mexican people, especially Caesar and Luis. Caesar took such good care of us and we will always be grateful.
    It is a sad thing that we will probably never see Guanajuato again…it’s not right.

    I pray that Caesar and Luis stay safe. Please pass along our concerns for their safety. They are in my thoughts.


  2. Cesar says:

    Maple mom,

    Thanks a lot for your prays, we apreciate this.

    I am sure some day, really some day we , you, yours and ours we will walk in peace with no fear in our beautifull México.

    México with no peace is like our “mole chicken” with no spices. we do not want that.Mëxico with no freedom to go around is like our “Margarita with no tequila”

    We love you. VIVA MÉXICO.


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