Standing united

I love searching through my archives for some of favourite images from Mexico. It makes me miss it terribly and my friends, but it also keeps me motivated to continue to encourage change for a place that so deserves to live in peace and freedom. As we are nearing the Peace Rally set for May 18th in Toronto’s Dundas Square, it has become more and more clear that we are not special in the fact that our friends have endured daily violence and a near kidnapping. As I wandered around the city talking with as many Spanish speaking people as possible, I quickly realized that most of the people I have spoken with have loved ones in Mexico that have also been victims of this brutal drug war. That’s pretty incredible and to me that means the situation there must be worse than we thought. I’ve had messages posted to me on facebook from strangers, people living in Mexico, in some of the worst parts of the country. They somehow found our Hope for Mexico page and want to thank us for standing united and organizing this rally/vigil. That must mean, it is working, we are letting those in Mexico know we care and that we are listening and we will continue to stand united and demand change.

I read an amazing quote that has helped me keep going in this time leading up to the Peace Rally, it’s by Margaret Mead “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world”

We may not be changing the world by doing this Rally, but we reaching those living in the violence and maybe just maybe giving them a little glimpse of hope that one day things might change and the Mexican spirit will be restored.

One thought on “Standing united

  1. Suzanne Tiessen says:

    Hi Kim,

    Your mom informed me of the peace rally held last night in Toronto. Hope it was a success! Most of our employees have Mexican background and two just arrived from Mexico City. We too wish for peace for them and those around the world who are suffering. Take care, keep up the good work, keep in touch. Suzanne

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