Another great wedding….

I can’t say enough about how lucky I am to get the wedding clients I get each year. But last night in all the business of a wedding I saw some familiar faces and went, ah ha, no wonder I love this wedding so much. It’s a great feeling when you realize that more and more wedding clients are hiring you based on referrals. Last night, I had the pleasure of running into “old” clients, who were married last summer and passed my name on to the bride and groom I was shooting. This group of friends is so funny, warm and genuine that it doesn’t feel like a day of work for me.  I love watching the day unfold through my camera lens and then seeing the faces of the bride and groom and parents and friends when I show the slideshow of images at the end of the night. My clients, hear time and time again….”Trust me, it will make an awesome picture” and last night, Ashley the bride gave me a big hug and said, ” Thanks for making me do all those things, I absolutely love the pictures!”

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