Better than Christmas!

The most wonderful day of the year is fast approaching. I feel a bit gipped this year as I’ve been knocked out by a crazy virus for the past two weeks and I’ve been  feeling I’m a bit behind schedule.  However, this weekend  I am back on my feet and there was progress in the plans.  This year, 5 houses on our lane have decided to forego the traditional front door hand out candy kind of Halloween. We live on a reverse ravine and 8 of us are 40 steps above street level to our front doors. But our backyards are all at street level from our shared laneway. So….we’ve decided to build our first haunted laneway and scare the dickens out of every kid that dares to enter. I can’t believe I ended up with neighbours that love Halloween as much as I do….but I did and some take it very seriously and the best thing is….they are very handy and are willing to put some sweat into this project. So fun! Rest assured, I will take lots of pictures and post them on my blog. Make sure you carve a pumpkin, throw a little effort into a costume this year…who cares if it’s Monday night, it’s the one day of year you can be whoever you want to be. For our gang, we’ll be dancing to a little Michael Jackson’s Thriller as we are all dressing up like zombies….should be another amazing Halloween night! Trick or Treat everyone!

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