So, my 7 year old daughter has been leaving notes all over the house for us….the first one is classic. She taped this note for the Easter Bunny to our door. She doesn’t want to go outside for the Easter Egg hunt so she’s inviting him in to hide her stuff inside the house.  You gotta love the “tude” though…..”Hey Easter Bunny…..” she says…..”Can you do it in my house please….” at least she said please….”and I want  a picture of you. I really want to see you. Can you pretty please bring it!”….”Thanks if you did.”  And what if he didn’t?? The Easter Bunny was out really late the night before and couldn’t muster up enough energy to sit down and draw a picture of himself.

And then, after a long, long winter of colds, flus, fevers, stuffy noses and coughs, she tapes a note to the cupboards so her dad doesn’t forget to give her her vitamin every morning.

Lastly, our little girl puts this kind sticky note on her bedroom door. Oh dear…I can just see what my future holds for me.

One thought on “Classic

  1. Bea says:

    “out of the mouths of babes!”, in your case “sticky notes”

    I really think that parents and grandparents should keep a journal of the wise things that their children express.


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