Strong and Steady



I’m working with a wedding client this year that wanted a tree as her invitation picture. Her fiance proposed to her under a tree and she thought of a great creative way to include that moment in her upcoming wedding day. I really liked the idea when she told me about it, but only after I shot the tree and got the images home that I really “got it”. Or got my own message out of this assignment. When you look at a big strong tree from a different perspective, or when I did this time, I thought, how long has this tree been here and what has it ‘seen’ walk by it, under it and even over it. Looking at some of the images just portrays a feeling of strength and growth. Perfect timing for me, I needed a message to stay strong and steady. Right now I need to stay still and let all the “life” stuff go by me as I stand strong in one spot all the while keeping my eyes on the sky and reaching for the stars.


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