I feel like I just came out of a very dark cave after months of trying to find light. I crazily agreed to take over my daughter’s school silent auction and the next thing I know it’s June and school is over in 5 days. However, we managed to raise over $25,000 for her school, which will go to much needed playground upgrades. Now that that’s over….I dive right in to a book contract I signed with my brother’s publishing company. I love writing, it’s where I started in this crazy business and when the opportunity comes around every few years, I can not pass it up, no matter how busy I am.  This book investigates the relationships between mother’s and their child with a disability. I’ve heard some heart wrenching stories over the past few weeks, some stay with me all day and through the night. This is the first time I’ve written a book with this particular content since I’ve become a mom myself, and it’s indescribable how that has changed my perspective. I’ve heard heart breaking stories and lived through one myself since I was six years old. Many of you know my brother is a double arm amputee from an electrical accident when he was 11, so I grew up around families that were a different kind of normal. Now listening to these stories, one being of how a mother found her 18 year old son trapped under his car he jacked up to repair. He was pronounced dead 3 times, but miraculously lived.  He’s now completely dependent on his mother as he lives in a wheelchair and can not speak with no use of his hands or legs. But today, he’s a well known Canadian artist. His paintings are breath taking and I will for sure be purchasing one. Another mother’s relationship with her daughter is inspiring, her daughter was born as a double leg amputee and one arm amputee, but she’s a dance instructor. Yes, you read that right…..a dance instructor. Parents with kids with disabilities, including my own parents, are forced to live by a different standard. “Can’t” is not an option for our families. Morgan, the 20 year old dancer is now leaving the nest and going to college to study comedy and comedic writing. She’s performed in the musicals, Rent and Hair and will continue to instruct dance. The image above is what she has tattooed on her arm to commemorate the day she had the guts to audition for Rent.  And as our mothers have taught us “I can’t” is only “I don’t want to try” and we should all live our lives honouring the words inked on Morgan’s arm,  there is no day but today!

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