Another baby…..

Well the book I’ve been working on is finally done and hot off the presses. It has been amazingly rewarding to shoot the images and get back to writing. I started out as a writer many….many moons ago and have always delved into other mediums of media and it’s a welcomed invitation to come back ‘home’ and write again. My brother is a writer too and has a publishing company and I’ve always enjoyed writing for his projects. This is another one of those opportunities, we wrote a book about the relationships between children with disabilities and their mothers. My brother is a double arm amputee- we were playing where we weren’t suppose to be as kids and he paid the ultimate price. So when it was time to write this book, his and my mother’s story was a natural addition. Surprisingly, I found it very easy to write, maybe because I didn’t realize half the stuff my mother was telling me during our interview, or maybe because now as a mother myself, I can understand or try to relate to what she went through. Writing about my family’s story was for sure therapeutic and so was getting back to my roots of writing. In today’s day in age it’s certainly fulfilling to have a tangible book in hand and see and feel your accomplishments. Thanks to my brother for giving me the opportunity to come home again. I may stray from time to time, but this time, I will stay close to home for good.

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