Another summer gonzo……


I had one of the roughest and worst winters of my life….so I was so looking forward to our second summer at the cottage. Well….as life would have it….the weather stunk!

However, we made the best out of what mother nature had in store for us. We explored new places in cottage country, we had great company all summer, we tubed, we kayaked, we paddle boarded, we conquered some amazing nature trails and walks, we had dozens of lazy mornings drinking coffee on the dock, so I will take all the great “summer” memories and snuggle in for fall.

It is what it is… as we embark on our last night at the cottage before packing up and heading home….I will try….try….to embrace the upcoming season. I will try and remember to take things a little slower, not to get so mad at Toronto construction (yah right…) maybe I can turn the music up and enjoy the time alone in the car. Oh yeah…time alone…I forgot what that feels like, I will revel in my time alone. Once Ava is back at school, my husband is back in his office, I will sit back and have a lazy coffee alone on my city couch…and pretend I don’t hear the streetcar, the construction noise and that city din noise that takes weeks to getting used to. Poor me eh??

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