And another one bites the dust


Whoa! That went by in a flash, or maybe it had something to do with our laneway mixologists big kid treats. Our haunted laneway was a great success despite the downpour of rain ALL day and ALL night.


IMG_1610 IMG_1614

We were undercover and had a VIP lounge this year for the big kids wrap party. We had a street sign made this year that changed our Ed Evans Lane sign to Dead Evans Lane….super cool.


We also had some great new additions from an honourary laneway lady. There were a lot of laughs and even more scares, I will never get sick of scaring the children.

IMG_1617 IMG_1621 IMG_1628 IMG_1616

It was a frightful night for sure and an even more frightful morning…hence my short post. A kind friend just dropped off coconut water and vitamin B pills. Gotta get on that!

IMG_1643 IMG_1631 IMG_1605 IMG_1601 IMG_1591 IMG_1589

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