A funky state of affairs……


Is it just me? Or do you feel it’s time for a change too?? Like I mean pull the rug out from under people (not in a malicious way) and shake things up. I don’t know…but I’m feeling something funky going on.

I used to live my life like a gypsy, I moved so many times before I settled in Toronto I lost count. I liked it that way –  but I also liked the last 15 plus years that I’ve laid down some roots, made and kept friends that I will always keep close, but I feel like now is a good time to shed and trim those roots too. Some of my dearest and closest friends live far from here but we manage to maintain our friendships and treasure what little time we have when we can connect. I’ve had the strangest but most welcomed experience in the past few months….as I’ve reconnected with someone who has made such a profound impact on my life today…as she did 7 years ago; we became fast friends for 3 months before she and her family up and moved to Hawaii of all places. We managed to stay in touch for a while, but as life gets busier those fresh friendships can easily wash away.

She recently returned (only to be moving BACK again in July) but we’ve had a chance to reconnect and this time, I’m not letting our friendship go with her. I knew our lunch was going to be fantastic but I didn’t know how I would feel leaving her that cold and windy afternoon – I felt a warm kind of peace, a feeling that got me thinking. She actually taught me a valuable lesson over that lunch, one we all know deep down inside but need a friendly reminder every now and then. Friends are easy to come by but a true match is as obvious as a mac truck grill coming at you head on. We haven’t seen each other in 7 years and after a 3 hour lunch, I know everything about her….the proud moments, the awful moments, the scariest moments and the joyous moments of her last 7 years. I left there reevaluating what I call a friend. I want more of her in my life and I will treasure those I have that with today.

A few months ago my dear friend from Ottawa came to town and we got a chance to spend the afternoon together…same thing….we shared our “stories”…..the good, the bad and the downright ugly. But that’s what friends do….right?

My friend from Sweden comes to Toronto a few times a year and when we get together it’s like he never left. We pick up right where we left off. And let’s not get started on my Mexican posse, those are real and deep rooted relationships that are as pure as the driven snow. I have friends I haven’t seen in years that live in the States, others that live just north of the city and some right here in my own backyard…that I know without a doubt if I needed them…they’d be there.

So why…..then….do I have the itching irritation that I need to take a machete to my city life? Is it my country roots calling me? Is this city life not for me? Is it my daughter who is always bugging us to leave the city and move out to the country?? How strange is that? An only child wants a quieter more simple life. I’m not sure…but what I do know for sure (as Oprah so eloquently says) I need summer to begin….and fast!! I need to slow down, roll down the windows,  head out of town and smell the country air….surround myself with friends I know who are true to me and more importantly to themselves…..at a place where you can breathe and actually hear yourself think…who knows, maybe I’ll have an epiphany by Labour Day.

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