Go ahead….inhale


Walking to my neighbour’s and friends Lindsay and Sandra’s cottage for lunch today I had to just stop and take a deep breath in. Walking on a quiet cottage road surrounded by trees and nature and absolute silence is intoxicating. If I could bottle this smell up here in cottage country, it sure would get me through the dark days of winter.

IMG_1505 IMG_0356


There is a cottage road smell (that is different from the smell you inhale down by the water’s edge-which I also love) that is so refreshing and invigorating to me that I just can’t get enough of it. It has certainly motivated me to do some cottage road walking, which has been a very nice and a social outing around here all summer. But that smell….that gentle breeze of pure nature in all it’s raw form is just another thing I love about cottage country.


It has been a summer filled with great surprises. The weather for one…has been the biggest surprise of them all. Fantastic is all I can say; definitely righted the wrongs that I had expected and secretly dreaded- not another summer of crap weather. I know without a doubt that we are supposed to be here and this place was waiting for us to find it. And with the dog days of summer still lingering on….I say bring your running shoes and let’s hit the road. And inhaling is for sure allowed and encouraged!!

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